Question:  What is your mission and objectives? 



Yoga Behind Bars (YBB) shares trauma-informed yoga and meditation with incarcerated people to promote rehabilitation, personal transformation, and a more just society for all.

  • We have equipped thousands of incarcerated adults with the tools to break the trauma-stress-prison cycle. Using our specialized curriculum, YBB programs focus on restorative practices that facilitate nervous system regulation, stress management, and resilience.

  • Half of our programs are for young people under 25. Our youth programs aim to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline and reduce the likelihood of future adult incarceration. We take a practical, resilience-building approach, focused on building inner strength and connection.

  • We strongly believe in cultivating compassionate leadership behind bars. That’s why we train incarcerated people to become yoga instructors.

  • We take the tools we’ve used working behind bars to bring trauma-informed yoga training to community leaders, yoga teachers, and more.

Question:  Who do you serve and about how many people do you serve in a year? Please provide the demographics (including race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, education, income level, etc.).

Answer:  Before the pandemic, we served approximately 4,000 people a year. However, at times during the pandemic, Covid-19 has shut down all programming. This year, as we rebuild and reopen in more facilities, we expect to serve 2,000 between all our programs, including 15 weekly classes across facilities statewide.

Question: What is the size of your organization (number of paid staff and volunteers)?



  • Four full time staff

  • Five part time staff (teachers and trainers)

  • We have two core volunteers at the moment, with a long history of volunteerism at the organization and more to come.


Question: What is the budget summary for the current fiscal year?


  • Total budget: $632,061

  • Total income: $229,549

  • Total expenses: $861,610

Please note: budgeting process was largely carried out by an interim ED. We expect our total expenses to be closer to $600,000 based on spending to date.


Question: What is the breakdown of your income sources (percentage received from individuals, corporations, foundations, government, earned income, etc.)?


  • Individual: 19.22%

  • Corporations: 7.52%

  • Foundations: 31.64%

  • Special Events: 17.02%

  • Government: 18.14%

  • Earned Income: 6.46%


Question: How will you use our $10,000 donation?


Answer:  Your donation will support the creation of a monthly space for youth to continue their yoga and meditation practices after being released from incarceration.