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Question:  What is your mission and objectives? 



Northwest Education Access, NWEA, provides comprehensive and individualized support to help low-income young people, ages 16-29, build their own path to higher education and beyond. We are intentionally working to bridge the gap between traditional education systems and historically marginalized communities in Snohomish, King, and Pierce Counties. We specifically center our work on youth who have disconnected from education and are working through a range of significant barriers.

Question:  Who do you serve and about how many people do you serve in a year? Please provide the demographics (including race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, education, income level, etc.).


NWEA serves approximately 900 young people annually. Our students are:

  • 100% low-income

  • 79% students of color

  • 51% have experienced being unhoused

  • 76% 1st generation college students

  • 49% 1st gen high school graduates

  • 35% immigrant or refugee

  • 20% parenting

  • 20% connected to the foster care system

Question: What is the size of your organization (number of paid staff and volunteers)?



22 paid full-time staff and ~60 volunteers


Question: What is the budget summary for the current fiscal year?


  • Total Income: $2,511,867

  • Total Expenses: $2,511,010

Question: What is the breakdown of your income sources (percentage received from individuals, corporations, foundations, government, earned income, etc.)?


INCOME = $2,511,867:

  • 8.5% Individuals

  • 26.7% Foundations, Grants, Corporations

  • 55% Contracts

  • 9.8% Other


Question: How will you use our $10,000 donation?


Answer:  This donation would provide educational navigation and mentorship services for 6 students for a year.

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