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Join us - make a difference

My Commitment

With my registration, I am pledging to participate in the 100 Women Who Care Greater Seattle giving circle by making a personal commitment to a donation of $100 at each of three meetings per year, February, May and October, to a local non-profit serving the greater Seattle area.


I agree to donate to the nonprofit selected by the group’s majority vote even if I am unable to attend.

I understand my personal contact information is strictly confidential and it will not be shared or distributed to an outside third party.


Team Commitment


If you are signing up for a Team Membership, you are making the commitment for your team. See FAQs for details.


Donations Payments

Donations to the selected non-profit are made through the Giving Group which charges $3.00 to process the donation. To meet the commitment of $100 going directly to the charity, I acknowledge that I will be giving $103 for each donation.

​If you have the opportunity to apply for matching gift funds with your company or a special donation fund (e.g. Retirement Fund or Donor Advised Fund), please click the button below:

Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. As a member you will have voting privileges, nominating non-profit privileges and will receive the monthly newsletter.

Thank you!

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