Havens Community Connections is an organization that exists to help women in domestic abuse situations build a safe exit strategy out of the abuse cycle. Recognizing the social stigma and unique financial complexities when abuse occurs in affluent relationships, Havens Community Connections specializes in breaking the silence of hidden abuse in these situations. But Havens’ overall goal is to help every woman needing assistance to build a ‘life raft’ to a safe and healthy future regardless of financial situation. Connections to Havens are made through confidential resources within the community. We evaluate her circumstances to determine a proper fit, and she will be matched with a Havens’ coach that best meets her needs. Many of our coaches are domestic abuse survivors and can truly understand her situation. Havens has established a connection with a team of vetted resources including legal, financial, and counseling professionals. Based on each woman’s needs, her coach will put her in touch with these resources to help her build a ‘life raft’ to reach a safe and healthier future. A coach will walk alongside each woman through her journey to provide support for as long as she needs. 


Due to the pandemic, an unprecedented number of women in abusive relationships today are living in isolation – stuck indoors with their abusers. No longer are we able to get out and network like we used to do to spread the word about Havens. We need to pivot in our strategy to reach women in need of our services. We have determined that social media will be the fastest and most effective way for us to reach these women. In order to be successful in our outreach, we will need to hire a professional social media expert to help us build a large-scale presence on popular social media platforms. This consultant will help us create our social media brand on multiple platforms, target our client demographic and post relevant content on these platforms strategically throughout each month. Our goal for our new virtual presence is to raise awareness about domestic violence, educate and offer victims Havens’ contact information so that they can reach out in a safe and confidential way. The cost of this service for one year will be about $10,800 (about $900 per month). Because October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it seems fitting for us to kick off our new outreach campaign this month!

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