Question:  What is your mission and objectives? 



Mission - We work to end gun violence in our communities by raising funds for research that informs public health and safety policies.


Objectives –

1) Support emerging researchers, including graduate students, to assist in growing the cohort of scholars in gun violence prevention.

2) Support research projects that will inform decision making and close gaps in our understanding of policies and practices focusing upon gun violence prevention.

Question:  Who do you serve and about how many people do you serve in a year? Please provide the demographics (including race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, education, income level, etc.)?

Answer:  The yearly direct funding supports two to three research assistants or doctoral students attending university in King County. The research is conducted in King County using available data and data collected from King County residents. The findings of this research will inform policy makers, gun violence prevention advocates and the public about trends in firearm ownership among women in King County.


​​Question: What is the size of your organization (number of paid staff and volunteers)?



Foundation has two part-time hourly staff. Operations are directed by 14 volunteers (Board of Directors and committee members).


Question: What is the budget summary for the current fiscal year?


            Total budget: $76,521 (administrative 20%, grant funding 80%)
           Total income: $47,344  YTD
           Total expenses: $8,026  YTD


Question: What is the breakdown of your income sources (percentage received from individuals, corporations, foundations, government, earned income, etc.)?


Income sources: 88% individual donations, 12% foundations


Question: How will you use our $10,000 donation?



We will use the donation to support a University of Washington graduate student in public health, sociology, or related discipline to conduct a systematic review of research under supervision of a senior researcher in gun violence. The project will identify current trends in gun ownership and use among women and will include analyses of data on women gun owners in King County, with comparisons to national trends. This study will increase understanding of why more women are purchasing guns and stimulate probes into issues of why this is occurring now and factors that may be impacted, for example, policies, safety training, storage.