Facing Homelessness

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Organizational Description: 

Facing Homelessness invites all of us to come closer, and to contribute our unique passions and skills toward the effort of ending homelessness. This mission is founded on the belief that we can and will end homelessness when we inspire and engage community members to be a part of the solution. In 2010, our founder, Rex Hohlbein, made it a priority to say hello to those experiencing homelessness, inviting folks into his architecture office for conversation, shelter, and connection. He soon realized the great power in humanizing homelessness that allows us to see the beauty of each person living on our streets, rather than fixating on the complexity of a prominent issue that overwhelms us. 


To transform this realization into action, Rex first began sharing folks’ stories through Facebook. By 2013, this passion project quickly took off and established Facing Homelessness as a nonprofit organization. Today, our staff of six offers four key programs that support hundreds of people experiencing homelessness and create entry points for thousands of community to come closer, experience empathy and relationship, and become a part of a loving movement. We are committed to this community-rooted approach that will make a deeper and lasting impact.


Request for funding: 

If awarded, funding would go to our BLOCK Project initiative which builds 125 sq ft, fully equipped homes in residential backyards to provide housing and community support for people experiencing homelessness. Specifically, funds would be used to for an Acceleration Fund in order to build these homes more efficiently. Historically, we have custom-built BLOCK Homes in the field, and have relied on donated labor to complete our projects. The Acceleration Fund will allow us to 1) pilot a prefabricated construction method for BLOCK Homes and 2) pay professional plumbers and electricians for their valuable time and expertise 3) build the homes entirely out of panels pre-assembled in a shop by community volunteers with any experience level. The Acceleration Fund will reduce the duration of a BLOCK Home's construction from 3+ months to less than 6 weeks. For people living outside, every single day matters. Simply put, greater efficiency means less suffering.   


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