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Question:  What is your mission and objectives? 


Elizabeth Gregory Home provides a welcoming and respectful refuge where women who experience homelessness, economic insecurity, and trauma have access to a caring community and critical resources. Since our founding more than twenty years ago, we have helped women find stability by meeting immediate and long-term needs through personalized support. We partner with women as they move to stability through our warm referrals, our transitional housing program, and our Day Center – a central hub in North Seattle for community and access to essential needs. These essential needs include warm showers, laundry, device charging stations, warm breakfast and lunch, food pantry, clothing and shoes, personal care items, bus tickets, mail service, lockers, rain gear, sleeping space, computers and phones to use, case management, and access to other service providers.

Question:  Who do you serve and about how many people do you serve in a year? Please provide the demographics (including race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, education, income level, etc.)?


We serve around 500 women experiencing homelessness every year. We serve anyone identifying as a woman aged 18 and older, including transgender women. We have women who are 18 and women who are in their 70’s and everything in between. The median age is 47. We welcome all women regardless of their sexual orientation or race/ethnicity. In 2021, women included:

52.9% White
21.3% Black/African American
8% American Indian, Alaskan Native, Indigenous
3.7% Asian
1.7% Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian
4.4% Other/Mixed Race
8% Unknown

And of the above, 11.3% identified as Hispanic.  Most of the women we serve have zero to very low income.

Question: What is the size of your organization (number of paid staff and volunteers)?



We have 11 paid staff, including 2 African American, 3 Latino, and 6 White team members. Our volunteer numbers are slowly increasing again after COVID, but we typically have 75-100 volunteers per year.

Question: What is the budget summary for the current fiscal year?


For 2021 (2022 Financials are not complete yet, but are very similar):

Total Income: $1,184,556

Total Expenses: $942,184

Question: What is the breakdown of your income sources (percentage received from individuals, corporations, foundations, government, earned income, etc.)?


36% Individuals
19% Foundations
19% Special Events
9% In-Kind Donations
8% PPP Loan
6% Corporations
3% Program and Other Income


Question: How will you use our $10,000 donation?



For most nonprofits, the hardest budget item to fundraise for is unrestricted, general operating funds. As with most grants, these are very restrictive in what we can use the funding for, often times not allowing us to use the funding for salaries. At the heart of the services we provide, is our caring and supportive team and we do our best to provide a living wage and benefits to encourage our team to stay and survive. This year we are increasing wages, so all our team members are earning at least $20/hour. Historically, EGH has not relied on public funding to do our work, so it is a challenge to get everyone’s pay to the desired level. Your gift will help support this increase and the increase in medical insurance costs.

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