Saving lives through research, innovation, education and excellence in blood, medical and laboratory services in partnership with our community. Advancing health and shaping the future of transfusion and transplantation medicine, locally and globally.


Community Served: Established in 1944 to serve Western Washington, Bloodworks Northwest began as one of the nation’s first non-profit community blood banks. As our community’s needs have changed over the last 76 years, so have we. Today, we are the chosen blood supplier for more than 90 hospitals across Western Washington, Oregon, Alaska and beyond. We are rooted in our community, partnering closely with our 230,000 volunteer blood donors and 1,800 volunteers. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest level of patient care, supporting organ and tissue transplants and providing transfusion expertise globally. When threats to the health of our community emerge, our team of scientists are leading the sprint towards new treatments and cures. At Bloodworks, we are community focused, community driven, and community ready. 


Programs & Services:

BLOOD BANKING - We collect, test, process, and distribute the blood needed by patients at more than 90 hospitals, cancer centers and clinics in Western Washington, Western Oregon and Alaska. 

TRANSFUSION MEDICINE - Our transfusion experts not only provide on-site transfusion services for area hospitals, but also provide remote consultations for surgeons and physicians around the country treating a bleeding emergency of transfusion complication.

RESEARCH INSTITUTE – Home to a collaborative community of blood experts, we are an epicenter for new treatments and advancements in patient care for those with bleeding disorders, cardiovascular diseases, blood cancers, and transfusion needs.

ORGAN TRANSPLANT TESTING - Bloodworks Northwest is the premier transplantation testing laboratory in the Pacific Northwest. 

CORD BLOOD PROGRAM - Our Cord Blood Program is the first and only in the Pacific Northwest. We recruit, collect, and store umbilical cord blood from donors at local hospitals, making them available for transplant patients around the world.

BLOODWORKS BIO – Bloodworks Northwest provides research organizations with the laboratory support and starting materials necessary to develop the latest treatments and cures. 


Q: Please provide information regarding the demographics of the people you serve, including race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, education, income level, etc. 

A: Not everyone can be a blood donor, but anyone could be a blood recipient.

At Bloodworks, it is our lifesaving mission to maintain a strong and stable blood supply for all members of our Pacific Northwest community who need it, regardless of their race/ethnicity, gender, age, or socioeconomic status. In addition, our reputation as leading blood experts makes use the preferred collaborator and clinical trial host for research institutions around the world. This means that we are often recruiting patients for such trials locally, giving them access to the latest and most innovative treatments, and further amplifying the community impact of our work.

Q: Organization Size (number of paid staff and volunteers):

A: Full time staff: 726

Part time staff: 122

Volunteers: 1,500


Q: Please provide a summary of your budget for the current fiscal year.
A: Total Operating Budget $138,472,000
Total income: $214,170,000
Total expenses: $214,572,000

  • The Washington Center for Bleeding Disorders pharmacy accounts for an 80 million expense in the audited financial statements. Our net revenue is 142,663,000 projected. 


Q: What is the breakdown of your income sources (percentage received from individuals, corporations, foundations, government, earned income, etc.)? 

A: Blood services: 104,870,000

Patient services/bleeding disorders: 96,364,000

Research grants/contracts: 4,856,000

Other income: 5,706,000

Financial contributions: 2,374,000 (30% Foundation, 30% Corporate, 40% Individuals)


Q: How will you use our $10,000 donation? Please be specific, for example: 

A: Beyond blood banking, we are dedicated to maximizing the amount of good each blood donation makes possible. We accomplish this through our cutting-edge Research Institute, where our scientists ask how to make blood safer and how to unleash its power to advance human health. By coupling the generosity of our blood and financial donors with the brilliance of our scientists, we ensure that our community is ready – when emergencies strike, when breakthroughs are made, and when prayers are answered. 

The $10,000 donation will directly benefit the Bloodworks Research Institute, the innovative arm of Bloodworks that creates cures and advances medicine through patient-oriented scientific research. This support will:

  • Maximize the lifesaving potential of every blood donation

  • Safeguard our community against emerging viral threats like COVID-19

  • Ensure scientific excellence in the Pacific Northwest for years to come 

  • Accelerate the development of new treatments and advancements in patient care for those with bleeding disorders, cardiovascular diseases, blood cancers, and more.

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