2017 Donations

100 Women Donation to The Whale Trail
October 2017 - $4,200
Our eighth donation:  The Whale Trail

Our mission is to inspire appreciation and stewardship of whales and our marine environment by establishing a network of viewing sites along the whales’ trails along the Salish Sea and the Pacific Coast.

100 Women Seattle donation to YouthCare Seattle
​June 2017 - $4,150
Our seventh donation:  YouthCare

Each night in Seattle, 700–1,000 young people are homeless. That’s thousands of homeless youth every year — stuck in survival mode.  Most were traumatized before they reached our streets. Each day they spend on them will take its toll. It isn’t difficult to understand why so many chronically homeless adults report having been homeless as youth.


At YouthCare, we serve children as young as 12 and young adults all of 24. We know how to help that kid in the doorway become a kid in school, an adult on the job, an independent and stable citizen. It takes a “continuum of care”: a coordinated set of individually appropriate services.

100 Women Seattle donation to The Pink Daisy Project
​Feb 2017 - $4,600
Our sixth donation: The Pink Daisy Project

Our organization is dedicated to the memory of my Grandma Daisy, the first pink warrior in my life. Grandma was guided in life by a few basic principles: family comes first, love with all your heart, and give unselfishly. Grandma taught me how to cook, sew, and fight breast cancer bravely and with perseverance. In her honor, the Pink Daisy Project is committed to providing care and comfort to young women facing breast cancer treatment. That’s the way Grandma would have wanted it.



Our donation will provide basic essentials like food and gas to help women who are fighting breast cancer. These needs are often hard to fill when they are unable to work during treatment.