2015 Donations

100 Women Seattle donation to the Organization for Prostitution Survivors
​Oct 2015 - $1,800
Our second donation: Organization for Prostitution Survivors


OPS offers services to individuals In or Out of the Life – there is no judgment, only support.


They honor survivors as the experts on their own experiences and support their unique strengths as individuals.  They work alongside them to identify their needs and build a vision for the rest of their lives. The needs for the first programs of OPS were identified early on. Thus OPS created a support group and a drop-in center as the first of its services. Visit their site for more information.
100 Women Seattle donation to New Beginnings
​June 2015 - $2,000
Our first donation: New Beginnings


New Beginnings empowers survivors and mobilizes community awareness and action to end domestic violence.


New Beginnings provides services to those whose lives have been affected by domestic violence - physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Some who use our services are in physical danger. Others are living with controlling partners in relationships that are emotionally abusive. Explore our site to learn how to get help, how to get involved, how to donate and how to learn more about domestic violence in our community.